Dear students and colleagues,

My Piano Academy provide piano tutorial in Mosta & Gozo  

or if preferred, in the comfort of your home, for all ages and abilities.

By tailoring your experience we ensure you have the very best tuition matched to your individual needs

and requirements. Lessons are charged in blocks.

Payment for the lessons is taken in advance and you will receive an invoice via

e-mail prior to the lessons commencing.

 Lessons are scheduled at a time and location to suit you

and are available in 30/45/60 and 90 minute sessions.

Lessons can also be held online,

but it is not recommended for beginners.

   Please note that travel expenses for our home lessons teachers are not included.

  • 30 Min. Piano Lesson = 12.00 Euros

  • 45 Min. Piano Lesson = 17.00 Euros

  • 60 Min. Piano Lesson = 25.00 Euros

  • 90 Min. Piano Lesson = 35.00 Euros

  • 60 Min. Piano Accompaniment (Rehearsal) = 25 Euros

  • 90 Min. Piano Accompaniment (Rehearsal) = 35 Euros

  • Performances = From 100 Euros * 

  • Recital = From 150 Euros*

  • Concerts = From 200 Euros*

* Price depends of duration and complexity of the programme

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